Finally An End To Multiple Apps To Stay Connected

n-gage messenger too many apps

Are you forever downloading yet another messenger app to an expanding collection on your phone? If yes, then you are not alone.  With the global average rising to 7 per person, the number of social media / messaging apps we are installing is rapidly spiralling out of control. It’s quite clear that around the world our love affair with social media has intensified over recent years. A survey has revealed how the young mobile generations are now spending up to 4 hours a day feeding their desire to stay connected and attempting to keep up to date with the latest app features. n-gage – the world’s first 360 degree lifestyle chat app ensures that even the expectations of the most feature-hungry social networker are being met.  With an abundance of innovative, creative and fun features, n-gage enables users to experience rich personalised messaging, file sharing and video calling in a way never seen before.

n-gage encourages users to experiment with a wide variety of ways to communicate whilst it simultaneously breaks all known platform barriers.  This pioneering new app allows users to stay connected with friends and family regardless of the receivers’ preferred social media / messenger app. Even those without a smartphone can get involved, as n-gage can also be enjoyed on a PC or tablet. Here are 6 Ways To Enjoy The Cross Platform Functionality of n-gage:

  1. Arrange 1-to-1 or group video calls with your friends who are on different social media or messenger apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, Viber, Twitter or even SMS / Email.
  2. Send rich personalised messages to friends on other social media / messenger apps using: n-stickers, Doodle Plus, n-cards, accessories and chat make-overs.
  3. Share photos, audio or video messages with your friends on other social media or messenger apps.
  4. No smartphone – no problem. You can still enjoy the features of n-gage with the web version, compatible on PC or Tablet. Users of n-gage web can even communicate with friends on other social platforms.
  5. Invite friends and family to join events using the n-gage ‘Schedule’ feature. Messages sent from n-gage are received on other social media or messenger apps
  6. Share knowledge and lifestyle articles from the n-gage ‘Know’ feature with your friends on other social media or messenger apps.

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