Integrated Group Video Chat Across All Social Platforms

n-gage messenger group video call

For many people, the only way to make video calls and keep up with a wide social network of friends is to install a cluster of different apps on their device. Well that is a thing of the past, thanks to n-gage, the world’s first 360 degree lifestyle chat-app. Consumer behaviour surrounding the use of video calling has seen a monumental increase in the past 5 years.  It has been estimated that the total number of video calling minutes in 2015 was 550 billion, compared to just 141 million minutes in 2010.  One service provider reported that in recent months their users had spent 3 billion minutes per day on video calls, whilst another reported that over 1 million video calls were placed during the first 2 days of its launch. A large percentage of video calls from the above statistics were placed using a single function app, with little or no other functionality other than video calling.  The average smartphone user will therefore typically have 3 or more chatting apps on their device to cater to their growing social communication needs.

n-gage allows for a richer chatting experience and enables users to connect on live video calls with up to 10 people anytime, anywhere – all from a single app.   Friends and family don’t even have to download n-gage, as users will now be able to invite their loved ones on any social platform to join a video chat.   Even those without a smartphone can get involved, as video calls made from n-gage can also be enjoyed on a PC or tablet.

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